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CEMPE – Centre of Excellence in Music Performance

The Centre of Excellence in Music Performance (CEMPE) is hosted by the Norwegian Academy of Music. CEMPE’s aim is to educate musicians on a high artistic level, qualified for an international and competitive profession in a rapidly changing music environment.

This will be achieved through enhancing music performance teaching, enhancing the quality of the students’ instrumental practice and preparing the students for proactive participation in the music community. These three objectives will be met through seven separate development and research projects, involving students and teachers and making use of different methodologies.

The international expert committee assessing the bid emphasised that the centre’s visions and aims were ambitious and addressing relevant issues and challenges in international higher music education. CEMPE provided detailed plans for achieving the high targets and for disseminating best practices, experiences and knowledge developed in the centre.

“NMH has presented an excellent foundation for the proposed Centre, which has the potential to deliver real value internally, nationally and in international contexts.

Existing excellence was clearly evidenced. The Centre has ambitious plans and full commitment at all levels within the institution to give the Panel great confidence that this will be a highly successful Centre. A diverse range of impressive stakeholders are strongly supportive of the proposal.

This proposal is of the highest quality and can be a real advantage for Norway in the international music community.  The Panel recommends this proposal as being of the highest quality.”

CEMPE is awarded status as Centre for Excellence in Higher Education from 1 January 2014 until 31 December 2018. The status secures financing of NOK 4 millions for the Centre's first 5 years, with the possibility of an additional 5 year extension.

Director of the Centre: Vice-Rector Bjørg Julsrud Bjøntegaard