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EXcITEd – Excellent IT Education

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


ExcITEd aims to enhance tertiary IT education in Norway based on a consortium between NTNU and Nord University. Approaches include increased focus on project-based education, earlier involvement of students in research and development activities, and greater focus on self and peer-assessment and reflection both among students and teachers. EXcITEd wants to try out and partly develop various IT tools for learning, since IT teachers and students have special competence for making advanced contributions in this area.

Strengths and weaknesses:

The group behind the ExcITEd bid has an excellent track record when it comes to pioneering educational innovation, award-winning educational delivery and stakeholder partnership. The panel would like to highlight that the documentation of quality in existing provision is good, especially when it comes to student outcomes.

ExcITEd’s bid shows a clear vision. The bid is forward thinking, relating to issues that will be increasingly important in the future. There is great potential for transferability across subject fields and institutions, and the panel believes that there is a need for the developments that EXcITEd is proposing.

The commitment to improving outcomes relating to women in IT is laudable, as is the commitment to working with students as partners. It is very positive that students have been involved in the planning for the centre. Additionally, the clear focus on dissemination for action in this bid is commendable. There appears to be solid managerial competence within the proposed centre team and it is clear that there is strong senior management support.

The bid focuses on outcomes of the centre, but there is a need for clearer indications of the steps needed to deliver the proposed outcomes. The bid would have benefitted from increased coherence.

Points to consider:

  • What are the key steps to be taken to achieve the centre goals?
  • What is the baseline that the centre will use in order to measure its success?
  • How will evaluation take place?
  • What does the centre want to accomplish that will not happen without an SFU grant (additionality)?

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