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CESTEC – Centre of Excellence in Science and Technology Teaching

University of Bergen


CESTEC will develop new tools, best-practice examples and relevant resources to reshape course content, student activities and study-program structure. Through focus on targeted collaborations between students, university staff and enterprises in both private and public sector, the centre will develop a new educational framework so that, when implemented, students and staff alike will contribute to critical thinking and development of critical ideas.

Strengths and weaknesses:

This centre has the potential to make a real difference in terms of the skills students need for their future employment. The input factors presented in the bid are solid. Students are engaged through feedback and work as teaching assistants and mentors. However, the panel would like to see more emphasis on student engagement in participation, development and innovation.

There is substantial scientific research but it is not clear how this influence the educational provision. Working on real problems from industry is a good thing. There is however little sense of where the best practice and innovation lies in teaching, learning and assessment.

The input from the stakeholders into the centre seems limited, although the bid names many such partners. Centre management and governance structure is poorly developed.

The diagrams are clear and helpful. The plans presented come across as more generic curriculum and pedagogical development activities than genuinely innovative plans. There is also inadequate information given about the student outcome, evaluation and impact.
Furthermore, it is complicated to find a description of how the criteria for awarding SFU status will be met, as these are not explicitly addressed.

Points to consider:

  • How can students be more engaged and involved in the centre? Could students be placed in the middle of figure 1 as a reconceptualization of the model and student engagement in the centre as a whole?
  • How is the bid innovative given current national and international developments?
  • How can evaluation goals and methodology be described in more detail?
  • Is there a more creative way to involve others in the centre (dissemination for action)?

Grade: 2
Site visit: No