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CCSE – Center for Computing in Science Education

University of Oslo


The centre will, in partnership with students, integrate computing throughout the whole curriculum, develop professional educational material to ease adoption at other institutions, establish a research activity to provide a research basis for the approach, and adapt and extend methods and practices to other institutions and disciplines; nationally and internationally. This will transform education, build a culture for teaching and learning, immerse students in complex problems and prepare them for a lifelong career.

Strengths and weaknesses:

The proposal is well written and well argued. The centre builds clearly on existing excellence and the quality of the documentation is a testimony to the managerial competence. Input factors are very strong. R&D is central to the curriculum and the bid shows a very good emphasis on this. The proposed curriculum will bring students into closer contact with research. There is a strong record in student satisfaction and good teaching innovation with extensive (and praised) student engagement. The outcome factors are excellent and the relevance of the provision is clear.

CCSE proposes major curriculum reform in physics, and the need for this reform is persuasively made. There pedagogical rationale is also well explained. Innovation is well scoped and focused, and the emphasis on student engagement is evident. The dissemination has been carefully designed to go beyond ‘push’ methods, with another institution designated as a transition pilot partner. Interaction with schools is positive.
The plans for evaluation are clear, but could been more detailed.

Points to consider:

  • How will the project be rolled out in other departments and fields, as there seems to be a strong focus on physics in the bid?
  • How is work package 4 aligned with the proposed evaluation?

Grade: 6
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