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Department of Communication

NOKUT makes active efforts to increase Norwegian society's knowledge about higher education and tertiary vocational education. The Department of Communication is in charge of and coordinates NOKUT's contact with the media and society at large.

The Department of Communication shall contribute to NOKUT’s ambition to be perceived as a visible ambassador for quality in education in the Norwegian society.

The Department of Communication is mainly responsible for the development of and publishing on the following sites:

The department is also responsible for NOKUT's website and intranet, publications and graphic profile.

In addition to the Director of Communications, the department includes the following persons:

Senior Adviser
Nina Fjelde

Direct line: +47 21 02 18 95
Email: Nina.Fjelde@nokut.no


Photo: Nina Fjelde

Webmaster – Senior Adviser
Karine Kristiansen

Direct line: +47 21 02 18 38
Email: Karine.Kristiansen@nokut.no

Photo: Karine Kristiansen

Senior Adviser
Lene Beate Ruud

Direct line: + 47 21 02 18 94
Email: Lene.Ruud@nokut.no

Photo: Lene Beate Ruud

Emilie Valebjørg

Direct line: +47 21 02 18 87
Mobile phone: +47 930 399 73
Email: Emilie.Valebjorg@nokut.no

Photo: Emilie Valebjørg

Photo: Gard Sandaker-Nielsen
The department is led by
Director of Communications
Gard Sandaker-Nielsen
Mobile phone: +47 951 57 471
Email: Gsn@nokut.no