– We contribute towards quality assurance and enhancement in education


Department of Quality Assurance

NOKUT is the competence centre and supervisory authority for study programmes at Norwegian universities, university colleges and vocational schools. We accredit new study programmes at Norwegian higher education institutions and supervise around 4,000 courses and programmes offered by 190 institutions.

The Department of Quality Assurance supervises the provision of education at universities, university colleges and vocational schools. The supervisory activities include both verification of the quality of education and the institutions' quality work, and advising institutions on development.

The department comprises three sections:

Head of Accreditation is
Helén Sophie Haugen

Direct line: +47 21 02 18 40
Email: Helen.Haugen@nokut.no

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Head of Evaluation and Quality Enhancement is
Stephan Hamberg

Direct line: +47 22 53 05 29
Email: Stephan.Hamberg@nokut.no
Photo: Stephan Hamberg
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Head of Quality Assurance is
Hege Brodahl

Direct line: +47 21 02 18 99
Email: Hege.Brodahl@nokut.no
Photo: Hege Brodahl
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NOKUT's work in relation to Norwegian education

NOKUT is tasked with safeguarding and promoting quality in higher education and tertiary vocational education to ensure that society has confidence in the good quality of the education provided by educational institutions. This is done in part by supervising and stimulating the development of quality in education at Norwegian institutions, and in part through analyses and research conducted in order to increase knowledge about factors that influence quality in education.

Photo: Øystein Lund
The department is led by
Director of Quality Assurance
Øystein Lund
Direct line: +47 21 02 18 12
Mobile phone: +47 934 85 605
Email: Oystein.Lund@nokut.no