– We contribute towards quality assurance and enhancement in education


Department of Analysis and Development

The Department of Analysis and Development carries out evaluations, studies and analyses in order to acquire, compile and communicate knowledge that can be useful in the development work of the institutions and authorities.

The department is also tasked with contributing to the further development of NOKUT's policy instruments, and it is NOKUT's statistics and quantitative data resource. In addition, the department is also responsible for the Centres of Excellence in Higher Education (SFU) and the prize for quality in higher education (Utdanningskvalitetsprisen). The department cooperates with other NOKUT departments and external parties on individual projects.

NOKUT's analysis and research work

NOKUT carries out analyses and research to increase knowledge about matters that have a bearing on the field of recognition of education. We also organise conferences and seminars.

Photo: Ole-Jacob Skodvin
The department is led by
Director of Analysis and Development
Ole-Jacob Skodvin
Direct line: +47 21 02 18 29
Mobile phone: +47 975 25 062
Email: Ole-Jacob.Skodvin@nokut.no